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Ingrown Hair, Why You Are Not About To Outgrow It Any Time Soon, And Some Coping Strategies

There is a premium to be paid to have that smooth silky skin - the beauty premium.  Not the least of which is ingrown hair. This whole situation of ingrown hair arose ever since we all joined the mammalian ranks earning the hairy badge. Every time you apply poor technique removing body hair, thanks to the laws of nature, you get a gentle reminder how far we have come.

But there is more to ingrown hair than poor hair removal technique. The hair shaft whenever it is cut below the skin surface will have to find its way back through this tiny pore on the skin surface during hair growth.  When there is any structural obstruction in it's path the growing hair may coil back into the hair follicle, causing painful irritation.  This may be itchy and the scratching and picking at it can break the skin resulting in an infection. The area of inflammation appears reddened, bumpy and unsightly enough to throw a wrench into your show-some-skin plans.

Top 5 Reasons Ingrown Hair Keeps Coming Back 

  • Dry scaly skin that results from low humidity or not moisturizing your skin frequently enough.
  • Curly hair that increases risk of the growing hair being trapped in the skin.  
  • Poor hair removal technique or an overly aggressive approach.  This include skimping out on shaving cream
  • Not removing hair along the same direction as the hair grows,  shaving too closely to the skin, and use of those triple blade shaving sticks that cause razor burn.
  • Being a mammal surely is a lifetime risk factor!

Let's face it we are unable to prevent all instances of ingrown hair, but you can reduce your risk significantly by employing some of these sound habits...

Preventing Ingrown Hair
  • Regularly exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells and clear skin pores makes it easier for hair to grow out of the hair follicle. Use a loofah or exfoliating creams.
  • Frequently moisturizing the skin.
  • Employing sound hair removal technique. There are a few things to say here. Exfoliate and moisturize problem spots before removing hair.  Replace your razor blade frequently. Shaving strokes should be in the same direction as hair grows. Use depilatory creams (hair dissolving chemicals) instead of shaving, the caveat mainly is to not leave the cream on skin a second longer than directed in the instruction manual. Also laser hair removal or electrolysis are options that can be used.  Laser hair removal keeps the hair from growing back for a long time while electrolysis is a permanent hair removal solution.
  • Manage your skin conditions with the help of your dermatologist.
  • Avoid tight clothing over frequently shaved areas. The constant fabric-skin friction can be a source of irritation resulting in hair curling back in the hair follicle.

 When your preventive measures fall short, some of these do-it-yourself methods may be enough to help manage stubborn ingrown hair.

Treating Ingrown Hair
  • Tweezers work well when a portion of the trapped hair is accessible from the surface.  Bite the bullet and pull the hair out gently.
  • Use mild soap to moisten and help loosen dead skin cells clogging the hair follicle.
  • Use acne medication to control pus and reduce inflammation. 
  • Use topical antiseptic cream daily if hair follicle is infected.  If infection doesn't clear after a few days it is imperative to go see your dermatologist.
With a few of these suggestions you should be ready to take on the summer with a pair of silky smooth legs clad in a fitting pair of heels!!

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