Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ankara Fabric Designs and Styles Illustrated Fashionably

The Ankara pieces stand out like a work of Art.  A creation on canvas, the colours are flashy using the whole spectrum available on the colour wheel. The Ankara fabric patterns too are exaggerated in their expression and doubly accented that you may make them out even from a distance.  And colour blocking is used heavily, and no hue is off- limits as the rich blend of saturated colour abut each other in a stiff competition, yet oh so harmonious in their coexistence.

How far the African textile industry has come.  The original Dutch wax, the Hollandaise, coveted by many and afforded by few.  Turkey seizing the opportunity to make what is now known as Ankara, essentially a more affordable replica of the Hollandaise.  A slightly inferior copy, the Ankara will run when washed, but not anymore, with advancement in dyeing technique.

A fashion designer's treasure, a versatile fabric that lends itself to intricate styling, mostly cotton at it's very core, Ankara is turned into beautiful pieces.  Masterpieces.  Fit for special occasions.  Traditional or otherwise.

The Ankara has arrived, standing on it's own merit, so I will rest my case. For now...

Photo credits:, getty images

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