Wednesday, May 30, 2012

12 Modern Kente Fashion Dress Styles

That ever perplexing question, "what to wear" has dogged man and woman alike, ever since Adam and Eve ate of the fruit in the middle of the Garden of Eden and realized they were naked. Eventually giving birth to a multi-billion dollar fabrics industry.  The Kente Cloth occupies a small niche in the general African textile industry but provides a versatile option in desperate times.

Depending on the occasion for which one has to conjure an outfit for, the process can be exasperating indeed.  Especially for those who have to have their best foot forward at all times. The dress to impress crowd.

May I suggest 12 Kente styles for the purpose of inspiration alone for these folks.  As you may have noticed from my earlier post on Kente fabric, the brighter the colour of the Kente Cloth, the better. And the style of choice usually comes down to  the creative flair of your Seamstress.

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Disclaimer: Photos not used for commercial purposes but for illustration only.

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