Monday, June 11, 2012

Dress Traditional With the Kaba and Slit Combination

With Traditional dresses, a beautiful cultural statement is made tastefully.  As you will see in the pictures below, the African prints are saturated with colour and heavy on pattern, that usually speaks to a particular theme.  Then it is the job of the seamstress to bring the colour and pattern of the fabric to life with styles customized to individual taste.

The typical traditional functions that call for the elaborate Kaba and Slit arrangement include weddings, engagements, outdoorings, baby dedications and funerals. The predominantly red and black prints are often worn at funerals while white prints are worn at engagements and outdoorings.

Now if I remember correctly, about 6 yards of fabric will get you the complete Kaba and Slit.  The Kaba is the top which uses up 2 yards, the bottom is the Slit which uses another 2 yards. The remaining 2 yards can be used for a head wrap or a shawl.  This 2 piece is really versatile as mothers will also carry their new borns on their back in a tight wrap with them.

Here are Ten traditional styles for you and your seamstress to ponder....

Black gold African brocade

Olive African print skirt and and top

Burgundy African brocade attire

Yellow Kaba and Slit
Blue Kaba and Slit

Elegant Senegalese African print with lace dress

African print with Satin skirt
Purple African print skirt and top

Elegant African lace

Purple Senegalese African brocade caftan dress
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