Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Feather Hair Extensions, Fashion Trend Not Fit For Fly Fishing

Feather hair extensions have been trending for a while, more recently popularized by celebrities and the world of fashion, evoking even stronger criticism from animal right groups.

If for no reason at all to pay attention, Feather hair extensions are bold, beautiful and colourful.  The methods for procuring these flashy avian plummage, if you should believe the claims of groups like PETA, are not so pretty however.

Special genetically engineered roosters are bred and feathers from the saddle (rear end of the rooster) are harvested and dyed to feed the hair fashion trend.  Note that it is the same saddle feathers that are used in fly fishing as bait, that has drawn far less scrutiny from the animal right groups.

There are synthetic feather options thankfully, for the featherlock fashion trend lovers who are averse to animal cruelty, available in all shapes and colours here. The feathers can be woven into braids or your own hair, or could be attached by clips. In the case of this fashion accessory, less is more when you wear them. Just remember to steer clear of fish infested water bodies, lest you attract the fish the same way fly fishermen bait their prey...

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