Thursday, May 10, 2012

African Prints and Bold Colours

Bold colours usually scream of attention, but the extra can be subdued with a measured dose of neutral and earth tones.  I speak of African Prints inspired by a strong traditional and cultural heritage, using technology imported from Java and marketed popularly in West Africa.

As a custom in some African traditions these fabrics are a component of the dowry required to  take a woman's hand in marriage.  You bet the more of these fabrics presented by the groom during the engagement ceremony the smoother the two family relations will be down the road.

I remember growing up my Mom spoke fondly of the premium Holland Print that served a status symbol in certain African circles. There are a large assortment of prints available for every occasion,  from funerals to weddings and engagements and every thing else in between.

There is no question though how beautiful these prints look...

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