Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So it Rained On Your Parade? Get Your Fashion Rain Boots On

April showers is upon us in the northern hemisphere. Ordered by the farmers yet received by all,  there is no time to sulk about the torrents especially if you figured out the right fashion tools to help you walk on water in style.

Umbrellas are a must. Vancouver can you hear me? Trench coats and scarves are great additions to your quiver of arrows as well.

These Hunters though will renew your confidence stepping in the rain. I know a lot of you still have alive somewhere inside of you, the little kid that loves to run and play in the rain.  so when mother natures pours, you can splash gracefully in the puddles.

Jimmy Choo Hunter Boots

Crocs also make a smart addition to the mix given that it is very budget friendly and it comes in a lot of fun colours

Crocs Women's Band Jaunt Pink Lemonade Rain Boots
These Harness Rain Boots can hold it's own on the Calgary Stampede grounds, because never fail the thunder showers will come during the Stampede, and this looks like some serious body-armour to handle any terrain!
Women's Harness Rain Boots
These assortment of Scotland Hunters can not be taken lightly as the Queen of England has at least a pair in her rain boot collection. They look royal, says Her Majesty...
Hunter of Scotland, Original Tall Gloss

These Burberry Boots though are without blemish. Mine!

Exploded Check Rain Boot

When nicely put together, this look is waterproof! Never mind the fact that they keep those tootsies dry....

Hillary Duff, Kristen Bell, Rachel Bilson

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