Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Solar Eclipse Images, "Ring of Fire"

In Calgary, cloudy skies prevented a clear view of the Annular Solar Eclipse, an event that is not due to occur again for another 10 years in North America.  According to NASA the last time there was an Annular solar eclipse was eighteen years ago.

I also missed the May 4th Super moon event because it snowed that night so I have gone zero for two this year at the celestial events.

I did catch a little of the Annular eclipse  event however online, though I must say the experience is not the same.  Here are some pictures I gathered courtesy Huffingtonpost from the fortunate sky watchers who photographed the eclipse...

Notice how the moon only partially blocks the sun at complete sun-moon-earth alignment, creating the illusion of a "ring of fire"...

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