Monday, May 28, 2012

Aimee Copeland Continues to Battle Flesh Eating Disease

There is something about the human spirit that is beautiful  and this is a story about survival against impossible odds. If you have ever been snatched from the jaws of death maybe you can relate.  Meet Aimee Copeland, a true inspiration. She is also a 24 year old Georgia graduate student who is now speaking for the first time since being treated for necrotizing fasciitis some three weeks ago.

Rewind to May 1st. Aimee suffers a deep cut to her left calf from an accident when a homemade zipline over a West Georgia River, snaps over rocks.  At the local emergency in Carrollton, ER Physicians closed up the wound with almost a couple dozen staples.  Staples that will bottle in a planted seed of flesh-eating bacteria with debilitating results.

Within a few days, the stapled wound becomes infected, flesh-eating diagnosis concluded on the 4th of May.  The 24 year old will be transported 200 miles away to Augusta, Georgia to received Specialist care.

Life over limb has become a cliche but Aimee will lose her left leg, right foot and both hands in the battle to save her life. Her father shared her response when she faced the inevitable prospect of losing both hands and the remaining foot to amputation. She said "lets do this".

Her progress is slow but steady.  Last week she got off her ventilator and that same day, Aimee was able to sit up in her bed.  She is down to 3 IV lines from an initial 12.  And yesterday, May 27, she was able to speak few words to her sister and mother: "Hello. Whoa. Wow, my mind is blown". A vegetarian, she has started eating soft foods again, requesting of her obliging Mom a tall breakfast order of veggie sausage, a biscuit, white gravy, a fried egg over easy and fresh fruit. "She will probably eat one bite," says Aimee's Mom, "but sure I'm going to make it. What mother wouldn't make it?"

Oh how I wish her Godspeed, for theirs is a story of how time and unforeseen circumstances befall us all.

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