Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fitness Fashion For Finding Your Form

Fierce Yellow Fitness Fashion

Spring cleaning is already in overdrive. Which means to have that summer body, now is the time to hit the gym, if you haven't already.  Those little battles in the trenches will pay huge dividends down the road in compliments and self esteem boost.

Once you have sorted out the motivation issues, spruce up your gym wardrobe and you are just about ready to take on the world and tone those er assets in the process.

Choose black for a safe and conservative look when you are starting off from notch one on the fitness scale.  No pun intended.  And then transition into the neutral colours as you make progress in shedding some of the extra pounds gained over the winter.  Once you gather momentum, and you start to ride that wave of fitness success, throw in some fun colours into your gym wardrobe after all it doesn't hurt to get noticed when you make progress.

Adidas Jacket

Lulu top

Lulu top

Nike Capri

Lulu Pants

Tree Pose Foldover Yoga/Dance Shorts

The Tree Pose Foldover Shorts looks very cute. Share some of your favourite brands, suggestions etc. in the comments section below....

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