Friday, April 13, 2012

The Post-PC Era Is Akin To Having Your Head In The Clouds...

Apple will have you believe that smart phones and tablets in the future, will replace PCs (Personal Computers).  A vision apple has pursued with the creation of iCloud.  The concept of storing media and personal documents in the "cloud" is really an innovative one that looks better however on paper than it does in reality.

Apple has a 5 Gigabyte cap on the free space allowable per account.  If you need more real estate than the measly 5 Gigs, you will have to cough up a premium of $20 per year for 10GB, $40 per year for 20GB and 100GB per year for $50GB.

With this kind of overhead cost, repetitive annually to boot, it is fair to point out that apple's concept of cutting the umbilical cord that links apple devices to PCs is a concept that is already busting at the seams.

If you bought an Android, Windows or Blackberry device today, it is consumer- ready right out of the box. Apple devices however, it's a different story even with the introduction of the "cloud" service.  Needless to say that Apple has got some catching up to do, and they have to get it done not by nickel-and-diming their consumers, but by providing some incentives for consumers to want to make a switch to the "cloud" platform without breaking the bank.

I am not gonna lie to you but the iCloud experience is quite elegant to say the least.  It will store your music, photos, documents etc. and wirelessly push them to all your devices.  It interfaces seamlessly if you have multiple iOS devices, so you can work on one device and pick up from where you left off on another device.

So by all means enjoy your iphones and ipads, "cloud" and all, but still backup your media and documents to your computers and laptops. Nothing like being in control of your own media, or maybe I just have to get my head out of the clouds on this one.

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