Saturday, April 14, 2012

Landscape Photography, Black and White Expression, Color Accents...

Black and White Landscape Photography is my excuse to post these pictures.  In good lighting conditions, you are able to generate enough contrast between different objects with different textures quite beautifully.  All the pictures were taken in colour and later desaturated to black and white.  I like to add splashes of colour to give a more dramatic effect to the otherwise boring skylines.

I took the pictures with a point-and-shoot camera and the iphone4. I did the editing and composition with a few free photography apps I downloaded on the ipad.  Speaking of the ipad, I will be blogging about my hands-on experience with it soon.  And down the road, I will blog about my favourite apps and some of the must-have apps. suggestions and comments can be posted below, thanks for visiting this blog....

Bright skies, Calgary
The Princess Mayan Resort, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Walkway to the beach, Princess Mayan, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Autumn leaves, Calgary

A snowy morning, Calgary

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