Monday, April 23, 2012

Panoramic Photography with the iPad

Using two methods, samples of panoramic photos are presented here.  These are pictures which are at least twice as wide as they are high.

The subject was the Calgary Downtown skyline, and the tools are the iPad and an iOS app called Photosynth.

The native iSight camera on the iPad produced decent resolution pictures and all I did was crop to a wider that 2:1 aspect ratio to mimic a wide angle photo.

The second method for panoramic imagery, I used the Microsoft photo stitching app Photosynth. Microsoft developed this software in conjunction with NASA, one of my favourite photo apps available on the iOS platform.  And it is free to download.

Spotting a slick user-interface, you tap the screen to start photographing and pan the camera across the skyline to obtain a mosaic of pictures. Tap finish when you are done and the software stitches the pictures together with satisfactory results.  I find the pictures obtained this way are a little blurry as a consequence of the panning motion during the acquisition phase.  But with a capacity to produce 360 degree images, Photosynth makes a great addition to your photography app collection.

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