Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kirstie Alley Makes Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss Look Sexy

To go from a size 14 to size 4 is a fairytale only of Hollywood proportions.  But that is exactly what Kirstie Alley accomplished.  And so far she has been able to maintain her new size.  Now that is the real challenge, keeping  and sustaining the weight you worked so hard to achieve.

Heard this before? "If you wanna fly someday, the law of aerodynamics dictate that you give up what weighs you down".  Literally! The only known exception? Well there are non.

Good news though nobody I know has ambitions of being airborne under the might of their wings.  But if you ever wanna look fly and feel high, then you wanna incorporate some healthy habits, eating well and staying active.  Not for 3 weeks or 3 months.  It has got to be a disciplined and uncompromising resolve.  Remember healthy is not a destination, but a lifestyle.

So in your struggles to achieve fitness, let room for relapse, and bad days, and weight gains, but always return to the healthy choices.

Kirstie Alley was the spokesperson for Jenny Craig from 2005 to 2008. She then launched Organic Liaison, which includes Rescue me, the first USDA-certified organic weight loss product, two years later.  But it was her stint with Dancing With the Stars in 2011 that catapulted her weight loss into the limelight.  All told, she lost 100 lbs, and in her own words, she "has the energy of a 20 year old" at 61 years old.

The before and after pictures speak for themselves.  I think the important point that ought not be forgotten though is that she says she feels great!!  It doesn't matter what size you are or body shape or weight, the mission is to pursue health and fitness and beauty!!!

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