Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell's 2012 Resort Collection

A beautiful pair of heels is not likely to wear comfortably.  But it sure will get you noticed. The 2012 Jeffrey Campbell's Resort Collection is that and some.  You can argue beauty is in the eye of the beholder. True.  And then there are these elements of beauty that are constant among cultures, countries, continents, generations, genders and social class.  The obvious is bold colours, and symmetry and smooth lines and curves and sparkly things.

When Jeffrey Campbell throws a bunch of these beautiful elements together for his 2012 Shoe Collection it gains universal appeal quickly.  Set in the flamboyant LA culture it is expressive.  Embellished in everything from studs, cowhide, metallics, glitter, it is exquisite. Titled "A love affair with Los Angeles", the collection is less "plastic" and "fake" , and every bit authentic...

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