Friday, July 13, 2012

Shoe Obsession, The Glossary of Styles Explained

Nothing wrong with having an extensive collection of shoes.  Shoes never worn before.  Shoes collecting dust, while competing with other sister shoes for limited space on that wobbly shoe rack that has fallen over more than once when you walk by.  Shoes that still have tags on them.  shoes that you got on sale that don't fit right.  Antiquated shoes that are out of style and will be better displayed at the city shoe museum. Shoes that can not be incorporated into any outfit even with the help of Polyvore.

But each one of them hold a special place in your heart and when you will let your best girl friend borrow from your priced collection, so much strain is put on your friendship.  But can you tell your Oxford's from your Mary Jane's? Or can you make out a d'Orsay pumps?

The first step to properly organizing your excessive shoe collection is knowing them by their names.  Their proper names.  Here is a glossary, very abridged glossary of some of the more popular shoe styles that are representing in your closet...

The Stiletto
Gold and Diamond Studded Stilettos

Also known as Spike heels, Stiletto describes the shoe heel which is pointy, high and thin. The shoe of choice if you anticipate a confrontation later in the evening

English: Red High Heel Pumps
English: Red High Heel Pumps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is the standard bearer of women's shoes, with a low-cut front and closed back with nothing to help secure the shoe to the foot by way of straps, buckles, laces or ties, in the classic look.

The shape of the toes can be round, pointy, almond-shaped, or square.

2011 Dior Black Leather Platform Wedges
Jessica Simpson Wooden Platform Shoes
Melissa Shoes Designed by Vivienne Westwood
Nine West Arnell Oxfords
UK Tods Loafers
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  1. Thank you for doing a post on're only helping an already unhealthy obsession get even worse! P.S. LOVE the Louboutin's you posted.