Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Food-Inspired Jewellery is a Fashion Fiesta

Mixing food and fashion can get messy really quickly unless the food is tastefully incorporated into jewellery.  The art of wearing your lunch is a fashion trend that will get you noticed.  And trust me there is no such thing as bad publicity in fashion where the object is to get noticed.  And beyond getting noticed, setting the trend in your circle of friends with some of these appetizing accessories might just be worth exploring.

These miniature food-themed jewellery are often made from Polymer clay, a scultable PVC material which contains no clay at all.  Easily categorized as a choking hazard for the underaged, these brightly coloured jewels inspire gourmet ready names like tasty trinkets, chilli charms, cupcake brooches, and burger bracelets.

A quick glance at the pink chicken wing necklace on Nicki Minaj shown above challenges anyone to pull this bold look off and not feel like a chicken wing, takes some courage I tell ya.  So if the pink chicken wing is too rare for your taste, how about some of the vegetarian flavours, like the sliced avocado earrings or the green apple finger ring?  Yup, fruit-inspired jewellery are healthy and haute, so put cherry-topped whipped cream ring on your finger and start strutting.

Bon appetit fahionistas. Bon appetit!

Cherry-topped whipped cream ring

Sliced Avocado earrings

Green Apple ring

Sushi inspired pendants

Sliced Orange earrings

Layered Cake earrings

Cookie Sandwich earrings

Bacon Bracelet

Sliced Strawberry pendant

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  1. Am I totally weird for loving this trend? The sushi pendant is a bit much but bring on the chicken wing...and that green apple ring is to die for!