Monday, August 6, 2012

Nicki Minaj in Pink Bikinis, A Lesson in Poolside Manners

Pink Bikini and lime green wig will be the wardrobe choice Nicki Minaj will make for her music video "Starships" filmed in Hawaii earlier on in the year. As the bikini season draws to a close, a subtle reminder that there will be another opportunity next season for poolside lovers to make right.

The science of matching body type to bikini choice summed up as bikini 101, a comprehensive subject way beyond the scope of this blog and so the pictures shown here are for their esthetic value alone.

Where the booty is generous, bikini colour choice ought to be darker shades and full bottom cuts providing as much coverage as possible.  The skirts or boy briefs come to mind.  Unless you are Nicki Minaj and the whole object of the wardrobe is to be as effervescent in colour choice as possible...

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  1. Thank you for providing me with my weekly Nicki Minaj fix...great pic's